• Coming Soon: Our First Vintage Collection!

    Dec 31st 2020

    Coming Soon: Our First Vintage Collection!

    Hello eShoppers! Happy New Year! We are going to be kicking off 2021 by sharing our first eShop Vintage Collection-- Pretty in Thrift curated by our longtime collaborator and friend Stefany Mohebban--…

    Published by Daniel, eShop Community Liaision

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  • Meet Rush, Graphic Designer

    Dec 12th 2020

    Meet Rush, Graphic Designer

    What is your position at Housing Works?I’m a designer for the marketing Department at Housing Works. I work primarily to support Housing Works' multiple Thrift Shops throughout the city, the Books…

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  • Meet Deandre, Retail Activist.

    Dec 1st 2020

    Meet Deandre, Retail Activist.

    Describe your style: I try to select great pieces that reflect me in the moment. If its gloomy weather, I’ll put something on to alter what the weather is giving me. I am an 80’s baby so "Dynasty", "…

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  • Meet Juana, Advocacy Intern.

    Nov 20th 2020

    Meet Juana, Advocacy Intern.

    What is your job at Housing Works? I am an intern in the advocacy department. What attracted you to Housing Works? I am inspired by Housing Works' legacy of advocacy and action and the t…

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  • Welcome to Our Community

    Nov 19th 2020

    Welcome to Our Community

    Hello, eShoppers!Welcome to the Housing Works Community! My name is Daniel, and I am Director of Operations for the Housing Works Thrift Shops in NYC. I am also your eShop community liaison! I have wo…

    Published by Daniel, eShop Community Liason

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