Spring has sprung at the eShop! We’re ready to ditch our winter coats and start dressing for the warmer weather. For us, that means lighter layers, shorter-sleeves, and more color! In preparation for Spring fashion, we did a photoshoot styled entirely with pieces on the eShop.

We chatted with Fia Swanson, who was responsible for promoting our Spring ‘22 eShop photoshoot, and was featured in the shoot as well. Fia works as Social Media Coordinator in the Housing Works marketing department.

What was the theme of this Spring photoshoot?

We were inspired by 70’s fashion –a lot of bright and warm colors and fun floral prints. Most of the pieces we wore were vintage from the 70’s, and mixed with some modern pieces donated by other brands.

What was your favorite piece featured in this shoot?

I loved the Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Wrap Dress that my co-worker Tina modeled for the shoot –it’s a striking shade of orange, and the wrap silhouette is really flattering! Plus, the fabric is so luxurious.

What trends should shoppers keep an eye out for this season?

I think mixing colorful prints and patterns will be much appreciated after what a dreary long winter we had! As well as thin strap tops and mini-skirts since those were impossible to wear comfortably during winter. Old trends always come back eventually, even if they’re relatively recent like how popular Y2K fashion is now despite surfacing less than two decades ago. So I think looking back in fashion history is always a sure way to inspire future trendy pieces!

Some pieces from the Spring photoshoot are still available to purchase on the eShop!