What is your position at Housing Works?
I’m a designer for the marketing Department at Housing Works. I work primarily to support Housing Works' multiple Thrift Shops throughout the city, the Bookstore Cafe & Bar, and online efforts like our eShop.

What attracted you to Housing Works?
The history of the organization definitely attracted me. Before Housing Works, I was searching for a home to practice design, that didn’t feel like it was strictly for the context of advertising and making money. Housing Works, with its mission and lifesaving services, became that home for me.

What do you love about your job?
I work with an incredible team! I’m constantly inspired by the ultra creative, activist-minded folks I work with daily, within the marketing department and beyond. The Housing Works community has been one of my favorite factors of working here.

Which social justice issue are you most concerned about at this moment in time?
I mean, all of our struggles are kind of falling into the same category at this point. I care about unabashed liberation for all peoples—and I prioritize the efforts of Black, queer, and trans liberation.

How would you describe your personal style? Who/What are your style influences?

I would describe my style as lazy—but always changing and fluid. I value comfort above all else!

What is your favorite thing you ever scored at a Thrift Shop?
My favorite find ever was a KONICA FC-1 film camera. It’s the camera that started a love of film photography as a teen. I think I got it for like $20!