What is your job at Housing Works?
I am an intern in the advocacy department.

What attracted you to Housing Works?
I am inspired by Housing Works' legacy of advocacy and action and the tireless advocates who work here. There is a true network of support, and I hope to stay part of the community for a long time.

What do you love about your job?

I love seeing everyone's kids and cats when they pop up unexpectedly on our team Zoom meetings! But mainly I love being connected to current events and being able to channel my political frustration towards action. As a non-citizen, I don't get the opportunity to vote, so I love being able to contribute in a meaningful way through activism

Which social justice issue is most important to you right now?

I'm currently interested in finding ways to affect change more systemically and sustainably. I've been thinking about how to connect socioeconomic capital to grassroots advocacy for more of a bottom-up approach to social justice. One thing that excites me about the future is seeing my peers be increasingly committed to leveraging their privilege for equity.

How would you describe your personal style? Who/What are your style influences?

I would say I prioritize comfort but like glam! I have allergic reactions to most jewelry, so I rarely wear it, which means I focus on clothing and use makeup to get my glam on. I essentially add glitter and bright lipstick to anything. I also love graphic t-shirts and have started collecting them. I am also a little bit of a tomboy. I like shopping in the menswear section because I enjoy the oversized fit and large pockets. And I have two brothers, so I always end up wearing stuff from their closet and my dad's! Recently I've started making an effort to be more sustainable and that has changed my relationship to clothes and shopping since the fashion industry relies heavily on practices that are bad for the earth and the workers. I'm trying to re-purpose clothes and shop second-hand!

What is your favorite thing you ever scored at a Thrift Shop?

My favorite belt! I almost didn't get it-- I had my eye on it and then someone else in the store picked it up. But luckily they ended up putting it down, the angels sang in the heavens and I ran to grab and buy it! We were meant to be.