Describe your style:
I try to select great pieces that reflect me in the moment. If its gloomy weather, I’ll put something on to alter what the weather is giving me. I am an 80’s baby so "Dynasty", "Falcon Crest" were inspirations. I take charge with fashion and challenge myself to do something different with my style every day. Thrifting provides me so many opportunities for different looks!

What is your favorite Housing Works score?
My chainmail, rhinestone tie necklace! People stop me in the street to ask about it. I swear I want to be buried in it. All my jewelry comes from our Thrift Shops. I am also in love with my denim kimono--another amazing find.

Who are your style icons?

Are you kidding me? Whitley Gilbert from "A Different World!" She was immaculate. Tamron Hall--she is the best dressed on TV now-- those colors, that flair! And finally, Rihanna, because no one is doing that for her. It is all her.

What do you love about working at Housing Works?
Housing Works was my introduction to thrifting! I love the customer engagement. Here I am representing the fight to end AIDS, to end homophobia and violence against trans people, and so much more. Its great to be part of this organization in this moment, and fashion comes with it! Its not just about the clothing but what the clothing donations and sales support. Fashion is healing.