Susannah DePalo is a real force of nature! She holds an MPA, is the Vice President of Operations at the Adult Day Healthcare Center, and supervises the HIV Women's Program & Vocational Services here at Housing Works.

After a fun photoshoot with Susannah and her daughter Rehanna, we sat down to chat and she offered us a glimpse of her personal and professional experience as well as her favorite item from the eShop!


HW: What do you find more rewarding about your job?

S.: The ability to provide a space for those in need and observe how they can make positive incremental changes in their lives.


HW: What does Community mean to you?

S.: A group of people who provide support for those who need it, without any judgment!


HW: Can you tell us about a fun anecdote from the day of the Photoshoot?

S: All the younger models were doing much better than me! It was a cold day, and when we went to the rooftop I was freezing...


HW: What's your favorite item from our eShop?

S.: The sterling silver pearl & crystal drop earrings!


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