This time of year, I have an intense urge to set my winter coat on fire and run wild and free in the streets, but once I dip a toe into the shade, I suddenly feel like I’m in Antarctica. I want to embrace the light and breezy energy of spring without being underdressed for the weather. Here are 5 key spring layers to have in your closet that will keep you warm without weighing you down.

  1. Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are a classic for a reason. Denim is great for blocking the wind without overheating in the sun. Plus, because they are easy to style, you can always throw one on as a back-up plan for when the day gets unexpectedly chilly.

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    2. Vest

Vests can make you feel surprisingly warm. By keeping your core nice and cozy, a vest encourages blood flow to your extremities, keeping them warmer. Pairing a vest with a short sleeve shirt or tank top is a great way to free your arms without sacrificing them to the cold.

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   3. Light colored sweaters

Okay, this is cheating a little bit, but you don’t have to totally abandon winter clothes to feel springy. Studies have shown that bright colors can boost your mood and energy levels because they reflect more light. Sweaters are great spring outer layers that can eliminate the need for a jacket.

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 4. Good socks

If you’re eager to break out your shorts and skirts, a good high sock can help protect your legs from the cold. Socks are also a great accessory that show off your style. Whether you prefer a dainty stocking or a funky knee high, your calves will thank you for the extra heat.

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   5. Linen

Linen is often seen as a summer staple, but it can work well in lower spring temperatures too. Like denim, linen is a great fabric for temperature regulation. A long sleeve shirt or cropped pant made of linen will make you feel like you’re on the beach without exposing you to the elements.

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Instead of shedding your layers prematurely, swap them out for essentials like these and you’ll be ready for anything this spring.