Now Trending: No Trends

Now Trending: No Trends

May 8th 2024

Trends come and go, but when embracing sustainable fashion, it’s all about finding your own personal sense of style. Coquette core, cottage core, clean girl, tomato girl, coastal grandmother, and beyond… TikTok is constantly bubbling up with new niche trends and aesthetics. But rather than endlessly racing to keep up with what’s buzz-worthy for this brief moment—and spending too much money in the process of doing so—put your energy (and dollars) into exploring and discovering your own unique sense of style. 

Make a moodboard or vision board either digitally or with a handmade collage. Think outside of social media platforms for style inspiration—vintage movies, music videos, tv series, magazines, historical figures, and more can spark the most unexpected ideas.

When curating your main wardrobe staples, do a bit of research and approach your thrifting with an informed foundation of brands, fabrics, and silhouettes in mind. Draft up a wish list so you can keep focused while thrifting. Build your capsule wardrobe by scouring secondhand locales (like our Housing Works Thrift IRL and online shops) for high-quality pieces from premium, accessible luxury, and designer brands. Pieces from these brands will last longer than fast fashion and end up being more versatile as your own style evolves.

Instead of aiming for a full fit of what’s trending now, try incorporating small elements (i.e. accessories) as a way to have fun and participate in the latest “core” or aesthetic. This will also ensure you are not just another cookie cutter clone adhering only to one style, but are able to rework trendy pieces and truly make them your own. 

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