How to dress in January 2023? 5 looks to face the new year!

How to dress in January 2023? 5 looks to face the new year!

Jan 10th 2023

Welcome 2023! The first month of the year is one of resolutions and, for many of us, having a new trendy look is part of these resolutions. The good news is that it's not that difficult: seasonal sales, thrifts & second-hand stores, and new sustainable fashion trends help to achieve the goal.

But we also asked ourselves: How to waste as little time as possible choosing new looks?

Here is our answer: 5 simple looks and ideas that guarantee excellent results with minimal effort.

1. For a soft return to the office after the Holidays


Having a break from work is great and also healthy! So how do we avoid stressing too much about going back to the office? We have just a few simple tips: a warm, comfy coat; a knit turtleneck; simple jeans and comfortable shoes like platform or penny loafers, always worn with contrasting socks!

2. A layering idea: skirts over trousers


In 2023, experimenting with outfits is a must. With one eye on the Spring-Summer trends and the other on the volatile weather, the suggestion of street style and fashion shows is to seriously try on a skirt over your trousers once and for all! The secret is doing it in a harmonious way that makes sense, focusing on minimal skirts and pants that together become functional: a midi in a winter shade, olive or gray, and dark pants, to be combined with a pair of ankle boots.

3. The must-have

The balaclava (or ski mask) is one of the most controversial trends of last Autumn-Winter and it's here to stay. It is the perfect ally to warm up in cold days and revamp your coats. Additional power: it makes even an anonymous black coat sophisticated. But also just a colorful scarf does the trick!

4. Not your usual coat

We all have a quilted jacket in the closet, but this year it's worth taking out the Teddy Coat... Black or white, similar to a fur coat but rigorously fake.

5. Color of the month: Magenta

Crimson red with a purple undertone is not the easiest to wear: it's better to get used to it right away! The colors that go best with it: black and brown. This magenta and orange brocade dress is a good way to bring some liveliness and vigor into your winter outfits.